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Colfax Experience Center

Colfax Experience Center™ is an innovative program of Colfax International providing remote connectivity to servers, workstations, storage solutions, and other computational products offered by the company.

Remote access to Colfax Experience Center systems is offered in two forms:

Technology Test Drives

Technology test drives are open to the public. The system configurations available for test drives are curated by Colfax and generally include the newest computing products available on the market, including processors, accelerators, storage and networking technologies.

During the remote access session of a test drive, users get exclusive secure access to a network-isolated target system, virtualized or bare-metal, and are allowed to run industry-standard benchmarks or bring their own code for performance evaluation.

Colfax’s partners interested in offering their solutions for public evaluation through Colfax Experience Center technology test drives are invited to connect with us.

Customer Remote Access

Customers who purchase workstations, servers and clusters from Colfax International can remotely access their built systems prior to shipping in order to:

  • Validate the system configuration;
  • Provision and configure custom software stacks;
  • Ensure the performance and stability of the system for specific workloads;
  • Prepare the new machine for integration into a computing infrastructure; and
  • For systems returned for repairs or maintenance — to validate the services applied.

For more information, get the details at the Customer Remote Access portal: