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About Us

Colfax Experience Center is a service offered by Colfax International that allows customers to remotely access new and emerging computing technologies: GPUs, processors and systems, for evaluation, hands-on software validation, and performance measurements.

This service is currently in a “soft launch” mode. Bear with us as we are adding options for test drives. For the current list of available hardware, explore our projects.

If you are Colfax’s business partner and would like to include your products in the Colfax Experience Center, we will be adding information for you here.

Founded in 1987, Colfax International ( is a leading provider of high-performance computing solutions, expert-level educational programs and consulting services on code modernization. Colfax systems include custom workstations, servers, clusters, storage and personal supercomputing solutions. Educational programs and consulting services provided by Colfax enable software developers to achieve top performance on cutting-edge computing platforms, closing the loop between hardware innovation and progress in computational disciplines. Extensive customer base includes Fortune 1000 companies, educational institutions, and government agencies.